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Practical Science for Conservators

Practical Science for Conservators is an informal, educational, monthly (haha) Zoom series on chemistry and scientific fundamentals as applied to conservation. Our sessions begin with short presentations followed by discussions. The goal is to bridge the gap between scientific fundamentals and practical conservation applications. Targeting conservators of all skill and education levels, presentations are delivered in a relaxed, informal environment that's a blend of graduate seminars, office hours, and Friday night get-together.

PRACTICAL SCIENCE FOR CONSERVATORS IX: Polarized Light Microscopy for Conservators: A Fast, Powerful and Economical Analytical Tool

Friday, March 24, 2023: 5:00 pm PDT / 8:00 pm EDT

Zoom will open Friday at 5:00 pm PDT (8:00 pm EDT; 9:00 pm Brazil; 1:00 am Western European; 2:00am Central European; 10:00 am Saturday Australia; noon New Zealand) with presentations starting at 5:10 pm PDT.


Sunday 26th at 5:30pm BST (British Summer Time), 6:30 pm CET (Central Europe Time)

Presented by: Joe Barabe; Senior Research Microscopist and principal, Barabe & Associates LLC.


Analytical instrumentation for conservation continues to grow at a rapid rate but polarized light microscopy (PLM) remains a valued tool. In knowledgeable hands, PLM rapidly provides a wide range of high-quality information at minimal cost. This talk will show you what information PLM provides (and doesn't), how it works, how to get started, how to assemble a reference collection, how to conduct a few microchemical tests, and other issues, illustrated by fun and informative case studies.

5:00 PM (PDT)

Luke Addington, Jenny González Corujo, Craig Deller, Tiarna Doherty, Nina Roth-Wells, and Chris Stavroudis.

Euro Remix

Sunday 26th at 5:30pm BST (British Summer Time), 6:30 pm CET (Central Europe Time)

 Email Jenny at <> for more info.

Previous sessions of PSfC will remain online indefinitely 

 - Session 1 Ethanol

 - Session 2: Redox

 - Session 3: Carbon 14

 - Session 4A: Surfactants

 - Session 4B: Microemulsions

 - Session 5: Everything you wanted to know about the MCP - *but were afraid to ask

 -Session 6: Beyond a Thousand Words: Computational Imaging for Cultural                                              Heritage  with Dr. Marc Walton

 - Session 7: MCP Version 11 Beta

 - Session 8: The Art of Py-GC/MS and the Joy of Cooking with Michael Schilling

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